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tales from the pit
Comment if I take too long to friend you back and/or want my attention for something. Comments, bitching... whatever.

I'm all ears. ;\

In the meantime, lemme get everything set up so we can start the fun. :D


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Meh, not enough recent Suefic/badfic wandering around, so I'm resorting to some of the worst I know. Just figured I'd get it over with.

And I'm sure some of you will recognize this gem.

Title: My true feelings
Author: Kyana-the-dragon (or at least it was at the time; currently TheDarkShadowWolf)
Genre: Romance/Action/Adventure
Rating: T
MSTers: Juudai, Shou, Manjoume, Asuka

How can you hear my thoughts? Oh, telepathy? WAY COOL!Collapse )

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Number two, in case you missed it, is friends locked due to being rated NC-17. Friend me if you want to read it. ^^

Title: YuGiOh! GX: Twin Love
Author Anime-Queen-2011 (O RLY?)
Genre: Humor/Romance
Rating: T
MSTers: Juudai, Johan, Asuka, Shou, Edo, Manjoume

Curly hair is so bootifulCollapse )

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I bring you the first (of hopefully many) MST in this journal! Whoowhoo!

Title: Alexis's Competition (Funny how it's not "Alexis'". But that would be proper grammar, and we all know how awful THAT is.)
Author: AlchemicNinjaDuelist96 (Trying to be everything at once makes baby Jesus cry.)
Genre: Romance/Humor
Rating: K+
MSTers: Juudai, Shou, Asuka, Chronos, Edo (All parties affected by the first chapter in some way. Pity them.)

Bring it on, kid.Collapse )

More later. :3

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