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MST #4: An oldie-but-goodie (or not) - tales from the pit
MST #4: An oldie-but-goodie (or not)

Meh, not enough recent Suefic/badfic wandering around, so I'm resorting to some of the worst I know. Just figured I'd get it over with.

And I'm sure some of you will recognize this gem.

Title: My true feelings
Author: Kyana-the-dragon (or at least it was at the time; currently TheDarkShadowWolf)
Genre: Romance/Action/Adventure
Rating: T
MSTers: Juudai, Shou, Manjoume, Asuka

Manjoume: More? How many is this today?
Juudai: Well, I think it's really fun! I like stories!
Asuka: ...Juudai, these stories are supposed to be horrible monstrosities. About us.
Juudai: Really? Since when?
All: (facepalm)

Yugioh GX

Manjoume: No, really? I never would've figured.

(A/N: I don’t really know all of his cards so I used some different ones. Don’t flame me!)

Shou: Different ones like...?
Asuka: I don't like the look of this.

“And I lay down a face down card! I end my turn!” a brown haired boy exclaimed. “Heh. Your pathetic monsters won’t defeat me!” scoffed a black-blue haired boy.

Manjoume: WHY do I sound like such a MORON?!
Juudai: Hey, you said that the first time we dueled!
Manjoume: Shush, you.

Jaden, the brown haired one, laughed, brown eyes sparkling with amusement. “Heh! I also lay down a card. I end my turn.” Chazz smirked. He had an excellent plan. He, Chazz, the richest kid at Duel Academy, would finally beat Jaden Yuki.

Manjoume: I sound like one of those gag villains from those parody cartoons. "I have a cunning plan you will never outsmart! I, Manjoume Thunder, will defeat you all!" Insert evil laugh.
Asuka: Actually, I'd expect something like that from you.
Manjoume: ...

“Ha! I play Destructive Virus! You lose all of your cards since you have so little left!” Jaden yelled triumphantly.

Juudai: But I don't have a--
Shou: Aniki, it's a Suethor, remember?
Asuka: Wow, that's what she used? ...Wow.
Manjoume: You can just feel the "I-don't-know-what-I'm-doing" vibes emanating from this fanfic.

Chazz gritted his teeth angrily as his Life Points disappeared. “DAMN YOU, YUKI!” Chazz cursed.

Manjoume: (as himself) I would've won, too, if it wasn't for you and your meddling... Destructive... Virus...
Asuka: Failure.

Jaden laughed, collected his cards and stepped down from the field, hands behind his head. Alexis and Syrus stood in the stands surrounding the field.

“GO, JADEN!” Sy yelled encouragingly to his bud. Then, a shiver ran down his spine.

Manjoume: As he watched the field render a hologram of a pile of blood-soaked screaming corpses, with growling demon heads growing smaller demon heads out of their faces, and unleashing an onslaught of terror upon Duel Academia...
Shou: (cowers in a corner) Don't want to know... don't want to know...
Juudai: ...Ew. That's nasty, Manjoume.
Manjoume: Anytime.
Juudai: (muttering) Creepy bastard.

Over the past three days, he had had a feeling that he and his friends were being watched day and night. He nervously pushed his glasses up the bridge of his nose, gray eyes fixed on Jaden.

Shou: (as himself) They're watching us... THEY'RE COMING FOR US...
Manjoume: Shut up with the stale humor before I come for you.
Asuka: ...Take that out of context and-- ...No, not going to finish that sentence.
Manjoume: ...

“Hey, Sy, you okay?” Alexis asked worriedly. He ran a hand through his light blue hair. “No, not really.

Shou: (as himself) Of course I'm not okay! When am I ever okay?
Juudai: ...You seem okay to me a lot...
Manjoume: Lame. Next, please.

I’ve had this feeling lately that we’ve been being watched.” he told her. “Mmhm. Me too. And technically, it gives me the creeps!” she exclaimed, rubbing her bare arms.

All: ...
Manjoume: Well, technically, this story makes me puke.
Asuka: The use of vocabulary is... horrifying...

Sy nodded, glancing around the enormous dome shaped building. The white with blue outlined dome was huge. It expanded about one hundred and forty feet across and one hundred feet in height. It had a light blue roof and a Duel field inside when students could practice.

Asuka: ...But at least the description isn't so bad...

It was very cool.

Asuka: ...I take that back. She sounds like a kindergartener describing the "coolest" place they know of.

Alexis stepped carefully down the stand benches. Chazz had been yelling his head off at Jaden for a while now, and Jaden yelled, “SHUT UP, CHAZZ! I WON, DEAL WITH IT!”

Shou: ...But Manjoume is usually--
Manjoume: (menacing glare) Don't finish that sentence if you value your life.
Shou: ...Not finishing.

Chazz immediately shut up.

All: ...
Manjoume: So I'm a wimp, now, along with a gag villain? God, this SUCKS.
Asuka: How... lazy of her.

Syrus shook his head. ‘Idiot.’ he thought as he picked up his bag to head down to his friends.

Shou: ...I'd never think that of Manjoume-kun!
Manjoume: San da. And yes you would. You're all secretly out to get me, that you are.
Asuka: ...

---------Sy’s P.O.V--------

Juudai: Morse code?
Manjoume: Oh, that's original.

As I picked up my bag, I scanned the stands one last time. And this time, I spotted something peculiar across the stadium in the other stands.

Shou: ...(struggles for something funny to say)
Manjoume: Give up.
Shou: I'm trying! I'm just... really tired tonight!
Asuka: Uh huh.

A girl. With black hair, brown eyes, tan skin, a pink tub top, black mini-skirt, and knee-high boots that seemed to follow every curve on her leg, she was truly an eye catcher.

Manjoume: Whatever happened to "regulation uniforms"?
Asuka: They don't even let Momoe and Junko wear TANK TOPS. Like hell they'd let this Sue wear a tube top.
Juudai: ...What's a "tube top"?

I couldn’t tear my eyes away.

Manjoume: (smirking) But I could.
Shou: I like my eyes, thank you! (whimpers)

She had her hand propping up her chin and had a sort of dreamy look on her face. ‘What is she looking at?’ I thought and managed to follow her gaze. She was looking at Jaden!

Juudai: I sometimes stare at Chronos-sensei while I'm daydreaming... is that supposed to mean something?
All: ...
Manjoume: Juudai, just don't talk anymore, okay?

I gasped, loud enough for her to hear. She turned her gaze to me, and I was paralyzed. ‘Huh?’ I panicked inside of my head. A voice entered through my protective mind barrier.

‘Who are you?’ ‘I’m Syrus Truesdale. And how can you talk to me? Are we using telepathy!’ ‘Yes.’ ‘COOL!’ ‘Feh. How could you see me?’ ‘Everyone in this world does have eyes, you know.’

Asuka: She doesn't describe anything about what's being said. No adverbs, no verbs, nothing. How lame.
Manjoume: (mockingly, like a valley girl) "Oh mah gawd telepathy so totally awesome!"

‘No, no. I mean, how can you see me? No one else can…I think.’ ‘Err…. I use my eyes?’ ‘No, you pathetic idiot! No one else can see me! HOW..CAN..YOU!’ ‘Ohhhhhh… I don’t know!’ ‘Retard.’

Juudai: ...That's not nice...
Manjoume: The Sue sounds like me now. Have we switched personalities or something? Maybe we butted heads and our brains therefore traded contents?
Asuka: What is this, Looney Tunes?

‘Well, sorry to displease you, your Majesty!’ ‘You’re excused.’ ‘I was being sarcastic.’ ‘I know. So was I.’ ‘Heh. About your question..’ ‘Oh, yeah. Er.. who are your friends?’ ‘But-‘

Manjoume: "But" what? What's there to "but" about, dare I ask?

‘Who are they?’ ‘Brown haired one; Jaden, Blonde; Alexis, Black; Chazz. Not a friend.’

Manjoume: This little girl isn't biased against me. Not at all.

‘Kay. Just wondering.’ ‘Um…can you unfreeze me?’ ‘Sure, I guess.’ ‘You guess?’ ‘Yeah. I didn’t even know I had frozen you.’ ‘Kami, you’re stupid!’

Shou: I didn't think we used "kami" as an interjection.
Asuka: We don't.
Manjoume: The poor, uneducated usage of Japanese in an attempt to look cool. Oh, the pain!
Asuka: Also, it's worth noting this, from the beginning of the thought conversation to here, is an entire paragraph. No breaking or anything.

That’s when I felt like a shock of electricity flow through my body, making my joints ache. ‘Errgh! What wazzat!’ ‘DON’T make me mad!’ ‘You called me a retard and idiot!’ ‘So?’ This girl is not properly adjusted.

All: ...
Manjoume: "Properly adjusted"?
Asuka: What the hell is that supposed to mean...?
Shou: I would decipher it if I could understand why those two particular words are being used there.
Juudai: ...Huh? I don't get it.

‘Will you just get me outta here?’ ‘Maybe.’ ‘Oh, COME ON!’ ‘FINE!’

Manjoume: Contentious one, isn't she.
Juudai: ...What's "contentious"?

She cut off, retreating from my mind barrier. I watched as she hopped from her side of the stands to mine. She knelt in front of me, touching me nose-to-nose.

Asuka: Because that's oh so cute and, combined with her Mary Sue powers, can essentially do anything, including break the laws of this universe to accomodate her.

I jerked. I could move again. “Thanks.” I muttered. She just nodded. “Um… who are you?” She glanced at me. “Why would you want to know?”

Juudai: Um, because he wants to know who the "Mary Sue" is so he can do stuff to her later?
Shou: Hey, look, aniki's getting the hang of it!
Manjoume: ...Finally.

“I told you who I was, you tell me who you are.” She growled, but murmured a name. “Kyana.” I nodded approvingly. “Nice name.” “Thanks. Can I call you Sy?” “Er… Sure?” “Let’s meet your friends.” she said, already hopping down the benches. I shook my head, grinning, and followed my new friend.

Asuka: Kind of a reluctant friend, don't you think?
Manjoume: I love how she goes from "grr I'm hesitant to talk to scum like you" to "let's meet your friends tee hee hee!" in the span of... oh, two seconds.

----------Jaden’s P.O.V.---------

Juudai: Hmm... maybe something about... slugs?
Manjoume: Lame.
Asuka: That would be for tildes anyway.

“Hmm?” I looked up at the sound of metal against… something else. Shoes, I guess.

Shou: What ELSE would it be?
Manjoume: (as Jaden) I looked up at the sound of metal against... steel! THEIR FEET WERE MADE OF STEEL!

“Oi, Sy! Hey, buddy, where’ve ya been?” I asked him. He shook it off, and shook his head like it wasn’t important. “I met someone.” “Really? Who?” I asked eagerly. I’ve always liked meeting new girls.

All: ...
Asuka: First, how does he know it's a girl if the author hasn't described her being there yet?
Manjoume: And since when is Juudai a ladies' man anyway?
Juudai: Girls are cool... kinda like boys.
Asuka: "Kinda"?

“Is it a girl?”
“Is she hot?”


All: ...
Manjoume: Why would he care if she's hot?
Juudai: ..."Hot"? What does her body temperature have to do with--
Asuka: Juudai, no.

“Did she ask about me?”
“Your name.”

“Oh… Where is she?”

All: ...
Shou: ...What?
Asuka: What the hell was that?
Manjoume: I'll comment when I can understand what they're talking about.

“Um.. here?”

I looked around. No one. Except Chazz and.. A REALLY HOT GIRL!


“Is zat her?” “Hmm? Oh, yeah. Guys, this is Kyana!” Sy beamed. Kyana had sparkling brown eyes, tanned skin, and long black hip length hair.

Shou: But didn't she already describe her?
Manjoume: I'm getting shades of redundancy here.

‘Whoa! She’s prettier than Alexis!’ I thought, eyes wide.

Asuka: Of course, aren't they all?
Manjoume: Nah. ♥
Asuka: ...Not that I care.

She noticed me staring at her, and she blushed. “Hi, I’m Jaden Yuki, and I’m a Slifer student. Er.. This is Alexis, and she’s an Obelisk annnnd this is Sy, who’s a Slifer, and Chazz, the other Obelisk.” I gushed.

Shou: ..."Gushed"?
Juudai: Ew, that sounds nasty.
Asuka: ...I don't think it's what you think, Juudai.

She nodded. “Kyana. I’m a Slifer, too. I already took my test thingie-ma-jig.” Kyana told us, shaking each of our hands in turn. She came to me last and we shook hands. Five minutes later, Sy had to pull us apart because we were still shaking.

Manjoume: (snerk)
Asuka: (snicker)
Shou: At least he's marginally in-character for this one sentence.

Sy and I noticed Alexis and Kyana kept glaring at one another.

“I bet they’re having a mental feud because they both really like you.” Sy whispered into my ear. “HUH!” “Oops. Did I day that aloud? Oh, shit.”

Manjoume: ...Har har.
Asuka: Not in-character. At all.
Manjoume: (bitterly) Says you.
Asuka: What was that?
Manjoume: Nothing, ahahahaha.

And for some strange reason, he ran out the door, tearing across the field like a quarterback. I stood there, blinking like an idiot. When I heard a whoosh! I knew that Alexis and Kyana had heard us and Alexis was chasing him around and tackled him like a linebacker.

Asuka: For some STRANGE reason, he takes off, and I start chasing him. Proof she has no idea what she's doing.
Shou: Well, I could kinda picture you tackling him when he got you mad... a little...
Asuka: Why would I want to tackle him where there's so many other wonderful things I could do to him? (suggestive grin)
Juudai: ...Ehhhhhh? (looks nervous)

Kyana walked up to me. “You really like her, don’t you?” she said quietly. I heard slight hurt in her voice. I stared at her. “J-Just as a friend! Nothing more!” I exclaimed. She looked slightly happier after that.

Manjoume: 'Cause obviously the Sue has to have her guy of choice or the world implodes on itself.
Juudai: Why do I have to be that guy? (whimpers)

Chazz walked up to us, who used to be towing behind us. “What do ya want?” I said irritably. “Just wanted to say hi to the new member!” he said defensively.

Shou: ..."Member"?
Asuka: Awkward phrasing in that first part, and out-of-character friendliness in the second part.
Manjoume: Yeah, like I'd CARE about your freaking Sue.

I rolled my eyes. “Hey, I’m Chazz Princeton, the richest kid in DA! Nice to meet you.” Chazz said coolly, slicking back his hair.

Manjoume: And why would I introduce myself as "the richest kid in DA"?
Asuka: Not entirely surprising, but not entirely appropriate, either. Who do you know who brags about being rich like a rich stereotype nowadays?
Shou: I actually don't think I've ever heard Manjoume-kun bragging about his money...
Manjoume: San da.

Kyana looked at him in disgust. “You look like a constipated donkey to me!” she replied, eyebrows arched.

All: ...
Manjoume: ...(screams in rage)
Asuka: ...That's... wow.
Shou: What did she just...?
Juudai: (too busy laughing his ass off)
Manjoume: Juudai, you are so fucking dead.
Juudai: Ahahahaha... hahahahaha... but Manjoume, it's kinda true! Ahahahahahaha!
Manjoume: (rockets out of his seat and makes a jumping swipe at Juudai)
Juudai: (dodges with his GODBOY POWERS)
Manjoume: (lands on his stomach; gets up, and the chase begins)

I burst out laughing, rolling around on the ground holding my stomach. She giggled and bent down to help me back up when she was shoved away by Alexis. (I know im being mean, but im making Alexis rude, mean, and strong in here. Bwahaha!)

Asuka: ...So now I'm a total bitch because she doesn't like me in the way of her man? Plot contrivance up the wazoo.
Shou: (sweatdropping) ...Aniki... Manjoume-kun...
Manjoume: (still on the chase scene)

“Get away from him.” Alexis growled. I stopped laughing, and raised my eyebrows. Kyana stood up and stomped up to her. “Listen, girlie.” she growled, jabbing Alexis’s shoulder. “I will not stand to be pushed, shoved, dragged, punched, kicked, bit, etc. Got it?” Kyana growled menacingly.

Shou: Forgive me for this, Asuka-san, but... catfight!
Asuka: ...

Alexis lifted her nose defiantly. “Got it, doggie.” she sniffed. Kyana froze like she had been dumped in ice. “Wh-What did you just say!” Kyana asked quickly. Alexis smirked. “I said, got it, DOGGIE!” she repeated. Kyana took three steps away from Alexis like she was an alien. Then, she turned and shot to DA.

Asuka: More like dog fight to her.
Shou: ...Ooookay.
Manjoume: (finally catches up to Juudai, tackles him Alexis-style and pins him to the ground)

“KYANAAA! KYANA, WAIT!” I shouted, scrambling up. “Alexis! Why’d you do that! No one likes being called a dog!” I yelled angrily. She looked surprised. “Can’t you guys see? Duh! She had dog-ears on her head that were black! Naw dip!” she turned away, back facing us.

“HUH!” we gaped at her. I looked at the pink and black dot racing away into the huge building. “I’m gonna see how she is.” I muttered and started forward but Alexis grabbed my arm, holding me back. I jerked my arm out of her grasp, and ran back to Duel Academy.

Asuka: (looks unamused)
Manjoume: (he and Juudai are each pulling on the other's cheeks, stretching their faces comically.)
Shou: NO FIGHTING! (timidly) Please?

----------Kyana’s P.O.V.---------

Asuka: Look! It's a paragraph break! It's a point of view change! It's HYPHENS!

I tore up the stairs, and ran into the Girl’s Dorm. I wrenched open room 3226 and jumped on my bed, slamming the door behind me. I grabbed a pillow and muttered a few choice words, then diminished my concealing spell.

Shou: (can't hear over the incessant growling and distorted shouts of Manjoume and Juudai, gets out of his seat and stomps over to the two, trying to tug Manjoume off Juudai)
Asuka: All I heard was "concealing spell". Now, before I comment on the stupidity of that... Manjoume, if you don't get off Juudai, I'll ignore you for a month.
Manjoume: (pauses, takes his hands off Juudai's mouth, wipes them on his pants, and shuffles back to his seat, muttering)
Asuka: Good boy.
Juudai: (rubs his jaw) Damn, I thought he was going to rip my face in two.

A pair of black dog-ears and a black tail appeared, and I let out a huge sigh. ‘Lock.’ To my thought, the door locked itself shut.

Asuka: (falsely enthusiastic) Out of plot contrivance magic! Again! Woohoo!
Shou: (looks irritated) So much magic... she's taking the lazy way out of everything.

I settled down, thoughts roiling around in my head. ‘How could she see through my concealing spell!’ ‘Could she be working for Minerra?’ ‘Why do I like Sy and Jaden so much? Well, they are really nice to me…’ Sleep finally consumed my tired head. But not before one memory broke through it.

Manjoume: ...Thus implying the memory literally BROKE THROUGH her sleep? Which would imply she was woken up?
Asuka: Sounds like this girl needs to go back to first grade English.



Juudai: Ah... uh... errr...
Manjoume: Maybe we ought to let Shou do the section breaks instead.
Shou: I couldn't. Even according to you, I'm not that funny...
Asuka: Besides, don't you know the unspoken rule of MSTing? The lamest member of the group has to do the section breaks.
All: ...
Shou: (curiously) Really?
Juudai: ...Hey!

I stood on a cliff, fourteen-year-old Kyana, standing beside my mother, father and older sister, eighteen-year-old Minerra. The waves crashed below us. I clung to Mother’s arm, black dog-ears twitching. “Mom? Have we lost them? I’m so tired.” I complained. My mother looked at me, blue-black hair swirling in the rough winds. Her deep brown eyes gazed into mine lovingly. “Yes, I think we’ve lost them.” she confirmed. My mom and dad’s ears twitched as well, checking every movement and sound. My dad had brown hair, dark blue eyes, and tan skin, sharp canines, and claws. He turned and sniffed the air carefully. “Come.” he ushered us back into the woods surrounding the ocean cliff.

Asuka: I'm getting hints of Inuyasha here...
Shou: So many people love to shove their favorite series into our universe. What did we ever do to deserve this?

My sister followed me, eyes darting back and forth, looking for the Seekers. The Seekers were horrible, merciless killing machines that had begun not to long ago, searching for a particular, special thing. The Keeper. The Keeper is a person that possesses the most sacred of things. The Jewel. The Jewel contained limitless power, which why someone had formed the Seekers. To have unlimited power to control all on the Earth. We were running from them, though it seemed like we never could. They were everywhere. I ran alongside my mom and sister.

Asuka: Yep, hints of Inuyasha. A magic jewel, limitless power, demons... yeah, sounds about right.
Manjoume: Get your frigging demons out of my world, thank you.

Minerra had long hip length hair, like I would have three years from now, which was black along with big brown eyes, tan skin and a brown cloak thrown over her shoulders. We all did. It was best to blend in with our surroundings than to oppose them. “Mo-“ “HUSH!” my mother covered my mouth quickly. I immediately shut up, grasping my sister’s arm. She held onto my own like a lifeline. “Minerra, take Kyana away! Go to Houshi-sama Corren’s home!

Manjoume: It would help if we knew what a Houshi-sama Corren was.
Asuka: How accomodating to those of us who have no familiarity with Inuyasha and other such sucky demon stories.
Shou: I thought Inuyasha was kinda cool... kinda...
Manjoume: (leers at Shou)

Take her somewhere safe!” My father hissed. I unlatched myself to hug my mother and father. “Will I see you again?” “Soon.” they replied. I believed them. I kissed them one last time, and ran deeper into the dense forest with Minerra.

After a bit, I began to hear horrid screams and shouts. I shuddered, scared. I clung to Minerra’s arm. That’s when I heard the most bone-chilling scream of all. “NO! MINERRA WOULD NEVER!” “Ah, but she did! SHE BETRAYED YOU ALL!”

Shou: (jumps)
Manjoume: Oh, I'm sowwy, did I scare you~?
Shou: (whimpers pitifully)

I froze, a constricting feeling grasping my throat. Minerra did too. She turned to face me. “N-No! NO! YOU JOINED THEM!” I screamed, grabbing the strong trunk of an oak. Night fell over the land like a blanket.

Asuka: So the night just... happened? No transition at all? It was day out, then suddenly a blanket fell on top of the world and it was dark? No sunset or anything?
Juudai: That's not how it works...

I ran, I ran as fast as my legs could take me. I ignored the branches whipping my face and legs. I cried as I ran, and stumbled many times.

No! NO! It’s a dream! ALL A DREAM! My sister would NEVER join the Seekers! NO!’ I thought. “KYANA! THEY LIE! MOTHER AND FATHER ARE FINE! THEY LIE!” the yell came from close behind me. “NO!” I used a burst of adrenalin to get farther away. “KYANA! I WONT HURT YOU! IM YOUR SISTER!” I ignored the call, and headed deeper into the forest. I tripped over something hard. “Oof! Huh?” I slowly got up and examined the thing I tripped over. It was tall, about 5,11”.

Shou: I never could figure out how people are able to tell the exact height of something, be it feet and inches or centimeters, just by taking a cursory glance at it.
Asuka: I'm with you there.

I bent down to see it better, forgetting that I was trying to get away from the Seekers. I gasped and let out a strangled cry. It was Father. I wept, burying my face in his cloak. “WHY?” I screamed at the sky. “WHY?” My father was dead, my sister turned us in to the Seekers, and my mother, I don’t even know if she’s alive.

A few minutes later, I stood up, wiping tears from my face. “I-I love you, Dad.” I bit my lip, then kissed him on the forehead.

Juudai: EW, she kissed a corpse! Ew ew ew ew!
Manjoume: What are you, a squeamish first grader? You've been "ew"ing at everything all night.

I set out again, and arrived at Houshi-sama Corren’s house two days later. Nearly two years later, I left to find my mother and arrived in civilization. School. School. DA. I don’t know how I managed to get in but I did. Now, I have to deal with- “KYANAAAAAAA! WAKE UP!” “AHHHHHHHHH!” I screamed, shooting up into a sitting position.

Asuka: Note the lack of paragraph breaking here. It just kind of crashes together on itself, like a train wreck.

Tearstains stuck to my face. I gasped for air and stared into the face of a girl I had met a little earlier. Raiin, I think her name was. I was sharing a room with her.

Tears formed again, and I angrily wiped them away. “Wh-What do you want?” “I heard screams, and crying! You scared me to DEATH!” I cringed at the D-word.

All: ...
Juudai: "The d-word"?
Manjoume: I guess we have more than one squeamish first grader around here, then.

“I was ha-having a d-dream. Just leave!” I sobbed, unshed tears began streaming in rivers down my face. “Oh, kami, what’s wrong?” She looked at me with pity and put her arms around my shoulders. “Everybody’s SO worried about you! Jaden’s been pacing outside for hours, Sy’s been chewing his nails off, and Alexis looks like she doesn’t give a rat’s ass!” Raiin told me. I managed a watery laugh.

Manjoume: Like she's drowning or something? That would be SO AWESOME.

“Come on, let’s get you out of this godforsaken place!” she half-smiled. She helped me out of the dorm and outside onto some wooden benches near a park. Jaden and Sy came running. “KYANA! You’re okay! Thank kami!

Asuka: I would like to note to all you Americans who have this preconceived notion that "kami" is roughly equal to your Christian "God" that you are all wrong. Shinto Buddhists are effectively polytheistic. And we don't use the word "kami" as an exclamation.
Manjoume: Damn straight. This whole "OH KAMI!" fangirl talk is getting irritating.

I was so worried! So was Sy since he chewed his nails to their limits.” Jaden yelled, hugging me hard. I hugged him back and the same to Sy.

“So you’re okay? Raiin said she had heard scr-“ “I’m fine.” I muttered, cutting Sy off. He gave me an uncertain look but nodded. I wiped my face again, getting rid of any traces of tears. “I was trying to get in to take a bath, cause I was so exhausted, but I found that the door was locked. I figured that Kyana had fallen asleep and had locked the door behind her!

Shou: Who's the speaker? Raiin?
Manjoume: Doesn't really say. One would assume so, but with this sucky prose, it's hard to tell, really.

So, I yelled her name, like, five times, and no response. I tried again. No response. I ran to get Prof. Banner since he had the keys to the door, and he unlocked it for me. I went in and found you rolling around and screaming. I rushed over to you, and tried to wake you. And here we are.” Raiin explained as we all sat down onto the benches.

Shou: Oh, so it is Raiin.
Manjoume: If it's a new speaker explaining something, where's the goddamn paragraph break?!

We all nodded. “I’m so glad. You really had me scared there!” Jaden said again. I smiled and repeated, “I’m fine! I swear!” “Okay, whatever you say!” Jaden said with a raised eyebrow. I got up and looked at my friends. “Tag!” I raced away after tagging Raiin. They laughed and then scattered.

We played that for a while, then sat down to breathe for a bit. “That was fun.” Sy said happily, leaning on one knee. We all agreed.

Asuka: Tee hee hee, this is fun, playing a first grade game~!
Shou: (faintly) Tag is kinda fun sometimes...
Juudai: Tag's fun! Haha! (taps Manjoume's head, messing up his spiked hair) Tag, you're it' Manjoume!
Manjoume: Don't touch my hair, dipwad.

“Well, I’m happy to have such good friends worrying about me!”

“Well, you are like family.” Raiin said.
I raised my eyebrows. “Already?” She grinned.
“Yeah, you are.” Jaden and Sy agreed.

“Thanks you guys.” They beamed. “You guys are also like fam-“ I cut myself off. Jaden, Raiin and Syrus glanced at one another worriedly. “Hey, Ky-Hey! What’s up!” Jaden rushed to my side as soon as he saw tears drip to the ground.

Asuka: This girl's pathetic. What a crybaby. Sure, you feel bad when you think of events that have happened in the past that aren't the best things that have ever happened to you, but you don't weep at every single reminiscence of them.
Manjoume: Sheesh, I could punch this twit.

“Oh, Kyana! We can’t help you if you don’t tell us what’s wrong!” Raiin looked sad.

Manjoume: Insert sad face here.
Shou: Colon-leftparenthesis.
Juudai: Huh? Shou, you know the "netspeak" stuff too?
Shou: Um... ehehehe... Asuka-san taught me.
Juudai: Asuka! Teach me too, please? (grins)
Asuka: Maybe later. It's almost over, and I want to go to my room and cry for the human race after this.

I nodded and lifted my head. And I told them my story.

Kyana: Hi! This is my…(counts on fingers) fourth fanfic, so plz make good reviews! And BTW, if u flame me, I swear, I’LL FLAME U BACK 1,000,000 times harder! (Ahem)

Manjoume: ...A million times harder. Sounds like a prepubescent kid, all right. Ten, maybe eleven tops.
Asuka: It does seem that way, yes. Little kid who has no idea what she's talking or writing about. No pre-planning, no common sense...

Sry. Thnx!

Manjoume: You're not welcome.
Shou: Well, it's over now!
All: Huzzah!

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