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Number two, in case you missed it, is friends locked due to being rated NC-17. Friend me if you want to read it. ^^

Title: YuGiOh! GX: Twin Love
Author Anime-Queen-2011 (O RLY?)
Genre: Humor/Romance
Rating: T
MSTers: Juudai, Johan, Asuka, Shou, Edo, Manjoume

Asuka: Again? Will the barrage of horrible stories never end?
Shou: I have a feeling this is the start of a terrible trend...
Juudai: Aww, come on, guys! This is fun!
Edo: Fun for you, maybe. You're not the one who gets Sue'd upon. But your day will come.
Manjoume: Hey, frilly-sleeves. I hear this one's going to really rip you apart.
Johan: ...Really.
Manjoume: Really.
Johan: Well, we'll just have to see.
Edo: This may not end well.

Hey everyone. I don’t have much to say about the start of this fic. It’s a Jaden x Alexis fic, as well as a Jesse x OC fic. : ) Let’s just get started, shall we?

Juudai: ...What does the little "x" mean between my English name and Asuka's English name?
Asuka: Juudai, dear, you do not want to know. It will break your poor fragile brain.
Johan: ...I don't like this.
Manjoume: Oho, it gets worse. Keep going.

Disclaimer: I do not own Yu-Gi-Oh! GX, its characters, or cards.

Claimer: I own this plot line and my character, Melanie Little.


Jaden’s POV

“God! It feels so good to be back!” I said, extending my arms above my head.

“You can say that again.” Jesse Andersen said as he walked up and stood next to me.

“I wonder what challenges await us this year.” I said.

Manjoume: Tralala, pointlessness... hurry up and get to the funny parts.
Asuka: Manjoume-kun, it's only two sentences in.
Manjoume: And already it's full of stupidity. New high score!

“Hopefully nothing like the previous ones.” Syrus said. I looked at my little blue haired friend.

“Oh come on Sy. That would be just plain boring. I already know how to stop all that. I want something new! Something exciting!” I said. Syrus sighed.

Juudai: Sounds about right...
Edo: (muttering) Especially the "knowing how to stop it" part.
Johan: What are you talking about?
Manjoume: He's the hero. The main character. What do you expect?

“Glad to see this long summer break didn’t change you Jaden.” A familiar voice said. I turned around to see Alexis Rhodes standing behind me. Her two best friends, Jasmine and Mindy, were standing next to her.

“Hey Lex!” I said, smiling.

“Hey Jay.” Alexis smiled back.

Asuka: "Long summer break"? We have those?
Edo: Unfortunately, no. But the Academia's pretty lenient about where everyone happens to be.
Manjoume: Ah, but my dear Tenjoin-kun. Nothing could change Juudai. Nothing.

“Sergeant Jaden!” Haselberry screamed as he ran over to me.

“Hey Haselberry!” I said. Haselberry stopped next to Alexis.

Manjoume: What are we, lining up for role call?
Edo: This must be an army of some sort. Notice the "sergeant" from Kenzan's American, less intelligent counterpart.
Asuka: Japan has no army, though.
Johan: They seem to think they're in America.
Manjoume: No shit. They're idiots. All of them.

“Well, looks like everyone is here.” Chazz said as he walked over to us. I looked at him confused.

“What about Jim and Adrian and Axel?” I asked.

Edo: And... is there any particular reason we're here standing in a single-file line?
Johan: Of course, I get the feeling that Jim, O'Brien, and Amon will be left out of the fun for the most part.
Manjoume: Lucky bastards.

“We’re standing right behind you.” I heard Jim say from behind me. I turned around to see all three of them standing there.

“Hey!” I said. They all waved slightly.

Manjoume: (as Amon, mockingly) Yeah, Juudai, thanks for noticing us!
Juudai: Hey!

“Seems like someone is excited about the new school year.” Aster said as he walked toward us.

Edo: Gee golly, a new year, a new beginning! Full of fun cliches to live out! Whee!
Manjoume: Edo... you're scaring me.
Edo: I was kidding.
Juudai: It's still kind of weird hearing you talk like a munchkin.
Edo: ...

“Hey Aster.” I said. Aster waved toward me.

“I’m surprised you’re still standing here.” Aster said. I looked at him confused.

“Surprised?” I repeated, confused.

“The boats with all the new students are arriving. I figured you’d be…” Aster began but I was already running toward the dock.

All: ...
Johan: Then what was the point of standing there greeting each other?!
Manjoume: Johan. Thirteen-year-old fangirl.
Johan: ...Yes.

“Hey Jay! Wait up!” I heard Jesse yell. Jesse caught up with me quickly and we were both running toward the docks.

Normal POV

“Those crazy dunderheads.” Chazz said, annoyed.

Manjoume: ..."Dunderheads"?
Manjoume: (snapping) Quiet, you!
Asuka: (lowly) How annoying.

“Well, they sure are happy about the new year.” Blair said as she walked over and stood next to Chazz.

“You sure can say that.” Alexis said.

Juudai: (grinning) Well, the gang's all here now!
Johan: Except Napoleon-kyoutou's son. Where's that kid?
Manjoume: Out being ignored by everyone. Surprised?
Edo: ...Somehow, no.
Asuka: Kind of makes you feel bad for the poor kid, though. Being left out of most everything.
Shou: I can kinda relate...
Manjoume: (hastily) Okay, pity party over, back to business.

“I think we should get to the docks now, before they scare the new kids away.” Syrus said. Everyone nodded and began running off toward the docks. Jim grabbed Shirley off of the ground and ran after everyone.

Jesse’s POV

Oh, goody! My turn to have my thoughts skewered!

Jaden and I made it to the docks in record time. The boat just made port. Jaden and I were both breathing heavily.

“I can’t…believe…I almost…missed meeting…the new kids…first!” Jaden said, between gulps of air. I nodded.

Edo: Oh, what a tragedy. Missed being the first ones to greet the newcomers. Shame.
Juudai: But it's fun!
Manjoume: Why does everyone else, including me, feel the need to "save the new kids", though? Less competition if he scares them away, I say.

“Thank god for Aster.” I said. Jaden nodded. We were leaning on our knees, trying to catch our breath. The plank of this ship extended and the new students began to exit the ship. Jaden and I stood up strait. As soon as he did, he started scoping out the new kids.

“Look at all the Ras! There aren’t many Obelisks this year.” Jaden noted. I looked around and Jaden was right. It was really yellow. There was still a fair amount of Obelisks and Slifers but there was a lot of Ras this year.

Edo: Hello, grammar. How ya doin'?
Juudai: ...Huh?
Asuka: If there "weren't many Obelisks this year", how can there be a "fair amount of Obelisks"? Make up your mind.

“You’re right Jay.” I started looking around when my gaze fell upon some Obelisk girl. “Woh.” I said under my breath. Jaden didn’t hear me.

All: ...
Manjoume: Johan, I never knew. (smirks)
Johan: Whaaaaat?
Juudai: Johan, what?
Johan: Don't worry about it, Juudai, it's probably just... some one-time thing.
Manjoume: Doubt it.
Edo: Agreed.
Johan: ...

The girl had shoulder length, curly chestnut brown hair. Her hair was pulled back into a pony tail. Her bangs were combed down the left side of her face and stopped just past her ear. She had chocolate brown eyes. She had a slim figure and looked very; well, attractive in her Obelisk Blue uniform. Her face was indescribable. There was no way I could put the way she looked into words. Now that was impossible. Let’s just say, she was the most beautiful person I ever saw.

All: ...
Johan: ...(gags)
Shou: Gee, I'm not getting a bit of prejudice here.
Manjoume: I bet your mother could've been prettier than some Obelisk... all those girls look like anorexic stick figures.
Asuka: (coughs)
Manjoume: I didn't mean you, Tenjoin-kun.
Juudai: Mushy. (raises eyebrow)
Edo: Overdescriptive beauty for the ultimate win.


Jaden’s POV

Jesse and I were checking out the new duelists. So far, everyone else hadn’t gotten there yet but I knew they were on their way. Jesse was quiet for about 2 minutes.

Edo: Two minutes. 120 seconds. Longer than you think when you're just looking at someone.
Asuka: He can't be that unobservant, can he?
Juudai: ...Huh?
Manjoume: You put too much faith in him, Tenjoin-kun.

I looked over to Jesse who had his gaze fixed on something, or someone. I looked where he was looking. There was an Obelisk Blue girl. She was very attractive and was just standing there. She turned and looked at me and Jesse. She coxed her head a little. I think she saw us staring at her.

Edo: ..."Coxed"?
Manjoume: Like a hybrid of "cocked" and "boxed".
Shou: Boxed is a verb now?
Juudai: I dunno.
Asuka: (sighs, shakes head)

“Hey guys!” Syrus’ voice came crashing down on me and Jesse, breaking the silence. Jesse and I turned in unison and looked at everyone. They walked over to us.

Shou: Voice crashing down like cymbols being smashed in front of your face. That's me.
Manjoume: Mmhmm.

“Any interesting duelists yet?” Adrian asked. I shrugged.

“You can’t judge a person’s dueling skills by just looking at them.” I said.

Juudai: Sure you can! (grins)
Asuka: Really now.
Manjoume: I'll have to get you to do that sometime, then.

“Then what’s the point of the dorms?” A feminine voice asked from behind me. I whipped around, Jesse just a split second behind me. The girl who asked the question was the Obelisk Blue girl Jesse was just staring at.

Asuka: ...For us to live in?
Manjoume: ...For the curriculum most appropriate for each individual?
Shou: ...For the rewards?

“I have no idea.” I stated.

Manjoume: (as Juudai) Seriously, I don't know anything! Tee hee!
Juudai: ...Hey! Shut up!

She giggled at that. Blair walked up and stood between me and the girl.

“And who are YOU!? Are you trying to get cuddly with MY Jadey!?” Blair asked the girl. The girl looked at Blair confused.

Juudai: "Jadey"?
Asuka: Sounds like a girl's nickname.
Shou: Aniki, why does everyone hit on you?
Juudai: Dunno, Shou.
Manjoume: (glower)

“You’re Jadey?” The girl asked, confused. I slapped my hand over Blair’s mouth before she began to talk again.

“No, I’m not her’s. We’re just friends.” I said, spinning Blair so she was standing behind me.

Juudai: Go me!
Manjoume: You ought to do that to her more often.

“I’m Jaden Yuki by the way.” I said. The girl smiled.

“Hi. I’m Melanie Little.” The girl said, extending her hand. I took it and we shook hands.

“Melanie Little?” I repeated, confused. “I think I’ve heard that name somewhere before. Melanie shrugged.

Edo: Of course you have. Everyone knows about every Mary Sue ever. They're all either famous or childhood friends or met in some twist of fate.
Juudai: So all famous people are Mary Sues?
Manjoume: Juudai... for your own sake, just shut up.

“Maybe. I don’t know where though. Oh! And please call me Mel. I can’t stand it when people use my full name.” Mel said. I nodded.

“Sure.” I said. Mel looked past me at the rest of the gang.

“Who’s this?” Mel asked. I turned around and introduced everyone.

Edo: How vague.

When I finally got to Jesse, she stopped me.

“I know who this is.” Mel said. Everyone looked at her shocked. Jesse I think was shocked the most.

Johan: ...
Edo: Of course you know. Everyone knows the Mary Sue, like I said.
Johan: ...Of course.

“How do you know me?” Jesse asked. I think he was blushing a little. Mel giggled.

“I was at the tournament when you got your Gem Beast deck.” Mel said.

Johan: ...Of course you were.
Edo: However, that would make it an impersonal relationship, as this merely implies she knows his name and what he looks like; nothing else about him.

“Oh.” Was all Jesse replied.

Johan: Boy, am I ever witty. How do you guys keep from rolling on the floor in paroxysms of helpless laughter when I'm around?

Mel laughed at Jesse. Jesse smiled.

Johan: ...I retract my comment.
Manjoume: Ahahahahahaha.

Not a bad first day. I’ve already made a new friend! I thought.

Edo: And they all walked off into the sunset, holding hands, skipping, and singing "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" together in unison.
Johan: ...How very unoriginal.


What do you think?

Manjoume: YUCK.
Asuka: HORRID.
Shou: AWFUL.
Johan: CLICHE.
Juudai: ...Yay?
All: ...

Don’t worry about what Jaden said about Mel being attractive. He falls for Alexis.

Asuka: ...WHAT.
Juudai: ...Um... wha?
Manjoume: ...Why does HE get Tenjoin-kun? What did he do to deserve her?
Asuka: Oh, so I'm a reward now?
Manjoume: I didn't mean it like that! Don't take it the wrong way, please!
Edo: Can't say you weren't warned, Juudai.
Juudai: (curses under his breath)

Mel helps with that.

Edo: Of course. One of the Sue's purposes in life is to assist her favorite characters into falling in love and eventually living happily ever after together. Just like those teenage dramas you see on American television.
Johan: ...Sounds like an... impressive girl.
Asuka: ...My ass.

mischievous smile Anyway, hope you enjoyed it. Please review!

Edo: Another trite romance. Yawn.
Asuka: Sour romance. 
Shou: Death by romance. 
Manjoume: Romance like Juudai's unwashed socks. 
Juudai: Yeah, you're all a bunch of crackerjacks.

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hinoryu From: hinoryu Date: June 25th, 2007 10:47 pm (UTC) (Link)
... I think I just died inside reading that thing. ;.;
pdutogepi From: pdutogepi Date: June 25th, 2007 10:50 pm (UTC) (Link)
You're on a roll~~~ XD Juudai's comments are still so much love
cynthia_harrell From: cynthia_harrell Date: June 26th, 2007 05:46 am (UTC) (Link)
I'm still trying to figure out how they can all be back when the third season is their last year.
hinoryu From: hinoryu Date: June 26th, 2007 06:35 am (UTC) (Link)
In all likelihood, after the whole Dark World/Sand World/All that, they'll have to repeat their final year because of sheer number of absences.
cynthia_harrell From: cynthia_harrell Date: June 26th, 2007 06:47 am (UTC) (Link)
Maybe. It would be nice to have acknowledged third season actually *happened* though in this fic or any fic based afterwards. Based on the fact Juudai was convinced that his friends hated him and that formed the basis of a lot of what happened, I kind of doubt they'd be all "Yay! New school year!" But that's just my opinion.

I'm rather hoping Juudai chooses to remain in that world, though. But that's more a hope for the ending of canon than fic-commentary.
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